What Your Cat Gets...

Birds! Birds! Birds! Tons of safe, indoor, TV fun! Each 60-minute videotape , beginning with our original Episode One, features the antics and sounds of 15 different types of backyard birds including blue jays, cardinals, hummingbirds, robins, doves and finches, just to name a few. And Episode Two expands your cat's horizon with all different shots and by showcasing many of the birds during all four seasons of the year. Our Feathers For Felines, Special Edition video adds furry creatures as well as butterflies, spiders and other kitty temptations.

And don't forget, we've released Feathers For Felines, Episode One and Feathers For Felines, The Special Edition on one new DVD that runs for two full hours! Here are just some of the great comments and feedback we get from cats and their companions about our videos.

"I got another company's DVD a couple of years ago. It was advertised as having been researched and shot by 'experts' who'd looked into how cats see, how they react, what colour spectrum they enjoy, etc, but it was deadly boring for me and my cats. It was a single shot of several identical birds snacking in a pretend cornfield. Just dull. Well-produced for what it was, but dull. We enjoyed your from-the-heart production much more.
-- S. Simpson, email

"Just to let you know, I've received my DVD in the mail. My older cat is fat and lazy so she ignores it. But the little one just loves it!! I was watching her the other day batting at the TV trying to catch the birds. Then, she settles under the coffee table in the stalking position, lip trembling, ready to pounce. The DVD keeps her entertained for hours and it's hilarious to watch her, too!
-- L. Buch, email

"My cats love their new DVD movie. It got their attention right away. It was just like the pictures on the case with all three of them lined up in front of the TV.
-- Roberta R., email

"My copy of Episode One is almost worn out and my Episode Two is currently with a friend who appears very reluctant to return it. They are wonderful videos. The Special Edition is fantastic with the frog swimming and the butterflies. Thank you again from my cats!
-- Lee B., email

"Thank you! Thank you! I recently purchased Feathers For Felines and have two cats, Samantha and Annie. Samantha has a feline disorder comparable to Alzheimer's disease in humans. Feathers For Felines is so helpful for Samantha on her "off" days and keeps her content and quiet.
-- Marie R., Hamilton, ON

"Just a note to tell you how much my cat 'Sarabi' loves your videos. I recently bought all three of them and so far she has watched the first two and she loves them. Now when I turn on the TV she looks to see if it's her shows, then looks at me as if to say 'where's the birds?' Tonight I will let her watch the third video. She is an indoor cat so this way she gets the hunt without anything getting killed."
-- Harley C., Windsor, NS

"A friend loaned me her Episode One to see if my two cats would watch it. One now goes over to the TV all the time, thinking he'll see the birds. The other is also interested but comes and goes when he feels like it. Please send me an Episode One and Special Edition."
-- Debbie B., Downers Grove, IL

"I just got a call from my daughter who said they have to put your video on at least three times a day for their cat. Thanks very much"
-- Mary L., Sydney, N.S.

"I bought Feathers For Felines, Episode One and both my cats are nuts over it. It is amazingly funny to watch their reactions! I recommend your video to all cat owners I know."
-- Michele P., email

"We bought your original video for one of our nine cats who is deaf. We got him when he was three years old and because he'd never seen a TV, he was terrified whenever it was on. He would really freak out! We got your bird video and now he cries in front of the TV waiting for us to put it on. He has it memorized and knows exactly when the birds would fly off or into view. He even turned the TV on by himself one day. Unfortunately, it was 5 am!"
-- Wendy D., Kincardine, ON

"My cats and I are watching Feathers For Felines at this very moment and they're loving it. They keep looking behind the TV for the birds! I saw you on TV and knew I had to get a video for my cats. I have to say that it was worth it!"
-- Tina J., email

"Thanks a lot! Now I have to save my loose change to buy another TV. My twelve cats have claimed mine. No matter what I try to watch, there they are, in the way, waiting for the bird show! After awhile, I give up and put Feathers For Felines on. They always win! The tape is great!"
-- Joyce P., Halifax, N.S.

"My four year old kitty, Cleo, loved these videos. She was completely enthralled. She varied between sitting and watching to crouching to attack and climbing all over the TV to get the birdies."
-- Astohar, Allentown, PA

"I am attaching a digital image of my seal-point Himalayan, Martha, enjoying Episode One. She just loves your video. She watched it literally hypnotized for thirty minutes straight the first time. I've never seen her that interested in anything for such a long period of time!"
-- Jason T., email

"Your wonderful videos have opened up a whole new world to my cats, Mimi and Honey. Now they enjoy watching all kinds of movies. The other day the two of them watched the whole Disney movie Babe. Nevertheless, your Feathers For Felines videos are their absolute favourites!"
-- Jean B., Emerson, MB

"We purchased Episode One at Zellers and now, with your other two tapes, Abby is getting a good variety. In the morning she will sit in front of the TV as much as saying 'come on, start my movie.'"
-- Arlene and Jim S., Hamilton, ON

"Our tabby cat, Peanut, loves the squirrels on Feathers For Felines, the Special Edition. We watch it in bed all together! Hope you keep making other videos for felines!"
-- Mike and Barb, Charlottesville, VA

"Much to my male owner's dismay, I watched Feathers For Felines, Special Edition, intently. Being a large couch potato kind of kitty, I did not really jump up and swat at the TV as they hoped I would. I did, however, find the squirrels rather fascinating and I liked listening to 'the birds.'"
-- Chess The Couch Potato, Ottawa, ON

"Our cat was delighted with Feathers For Felines, Episode One and I'd like to order Episode Two and the Special Edition. It has been such fun. Great idea!"
-- Jane T., email

"Meows and purrs to you Bill. Our lady put your videos in the machine for us on Saturday and we had a tremendous time watching, purring and pawing at your backyard feathered friends. We wanted to say thank you so very much for your efforts in making our life so much more exciting. There are eight of us!"
-- Cyd, Carl, Casper, Mindy, Chicklet, Spirit, Woody and Hanna; Guelph, ON

"I just picked up your videos for Elle and Soy Sauce. They are both sitting on the top step of my kitchen stool watching Episode Two. Soy Sauce, age 12, is spellbound looking at the TV and then at me. Elle, age two, will sit on the stool and put her paw on the screen, getting so excited, she has to jump on top of the TV!"
-- Judith S., email

"My Siamese cats love your Feathers For Felines, Episode Two and so do I. The photography is first rate as is the sound and the selection of beautiful birds. My male cats paws the TV screen and climbs on top to attack from the rear!"
-- Shirley B., Rancho Santa Fe, CA

"Not ten seconds into your first video and there's already a cat sitting mesmerized in front of the TV! Photos will follow soon!"
-- Holly and Chris, email

"Thanks for sending your videos for my cats Zoe and Emma. Zoe (ancient cat with weak eyesight) loves it every time she sees it. She watches intently and jumps at the screen! Emma watches for five minutes at a time but Zoe is the one I really got it for because she can't see birds out the window anymore. Thank you."
-- Kitty M., Montreal, QC

"I previously ordered two Feathers For Felines videos from you. My sister's and brother's cats put on quite a show for them when watching! The same goes for a friend who purchased your video. She got quite a reaction from her cat!"
-- Marion S., Ottawa, ON

"My cats have gone absolutely mad over your great video. They squawk and herd me upstairs to the TV room so I'll play their video. They sit together on the ottoman, their two heads going back and forth and up and down at the same time! It is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time."
-- Barb and Andrew W., Halifax NS

"We purchased the Special Edition for our cat Samson and we enjoyed this video immensely! In fact, Samson still enjoys the video as much as the first time he saw it and he's see it dozens of times!"
-- Lynda and Ralph D., Waterloo, ON

"Thanks for the tapes. They're all great but the Special Edition is truly special. Sultan is definitely a butterfly fan and Kashmir is obsessed with the bumblebee! Many thanks for creating these wonderful tapes."
-- Marian O., Guelph, ON

"I received the two videos and they are great! Not only does my cat love them, so do I!"
-- Maureen V., Toronto, ON

"Received all the videos. Now my cat Buddy is watching the TV all the time. She just loves them and sure is a contented cat now. You did a wonderful job making these videos. My friend's dog, Rodi likes Episode Three (Special Edition)!"
-- Frances S., Spragge, ON

"Tiger especially likes the doves. Our VCR unit is at the bottom of the TV. Tiger can open the door and put her paw on the VCR trying to start the videotape. She then looks to us to start it and sits back up on her stool."
-- Violet W., Unionville, ON

"I bought your Episode One and my cat Inky-Puss has enjoyed it so much she would like to see Episode Two. I am also ordering another Episode One for a friend who has six cats!"
-- Virginia B., Leesburg, VA

"I can't wait to share your videos with all my feline - fancying friends. As I write this, both Skeeter and Wicca are enjoying Episode Two, yet again."
-- Laura C., Saskatoon, SK

"'Corky' is having a ball with your videos! She is just glued to the TV. This is the best medicine ever for 'Corky' to help her finish her recuperation. Let me know when you have Episode Three."
--Katie Y., Milwaukee, WI

"My cats loved the bird video and I'm sure we will like the squirrels and butterflies in the Special Edition too!"
--Julie H., email

"Just bought your video last night and enjoyed watching our cats!"
--Nancy R., email

"I was so excited to get the two videos and as I suspected, they both got 'six paws' up from my three cats. I am most happy about Bwoonie's interest in the videos because he has sugar diabetes and eocinophilic granuloma and doesn't always feel that grand. I believe Feathers for Felines takes his mind off of his troubles. Thank you for creating these feasts for feline eyes!!
--Shirley H., email

"Thanks for producing such an excellent video. We were very skeptical at first as we have never been able to find any kind of toy that would hold our cat, Samson's attention and interest. When we turned on the video, 'Samson' had just started washing, his back to the screen. Within the first few frames 'Samson' was not only watching but swatting at the screen. The video kept his attention for the whole hour. My husband thinks Feathers for Felines should win the Academy Award for best director, best producer and best picture. 'Samson' Agrees!"
--Ralph and Lynda D., Waterloo, ON

"We viewed your tapes this morning and I have to tell you that our cats were a lot of fun to watch. Many thanks!"
--Randy L., Northfield, OH

"My seven-month old Himalayan, 'Duffy', is delighted with the video and comes and sits in front of the TV every time it's turned on, with or without the video playing. Must admit we, too, are entertained watching Duffy's responses."
--Lila D., Kankakee, IL

"Miller, my four-year old cat never paid attention to the TV before I purchased him your video for Christmas. Now, he frequently checks the TV to see if the birds are playing. In fact, a couple of times, he sat in front of the TV meowing until I made the birds appear! I am ordering your other two videos today."
--Trish D., email

"My cats are enjoying the videos and so am I because while they're distracted I can get more done!"
--Susan S., Carrollton, TX

"My cats (all eight) are bonkers for your video. It helps distract them when they become too interested in Guido, my pet canary."
--Ann Z., email

"My cats and my friends' cats are enjoying your video of which I have ordered 10 copies by now. Thanks for the fun!"
--Dale S., San Jose CA

"My cat, 'MewMew' loves your Episode One. Please send me Episode Two."
--Tinku M., Mississauga, ON

"We recently purchased Feathers for Felines, Episode One and our cat really enjoys it. Please send Episode Two and the Special Edition".
--Arlene S., Hamilton, ON

"I have a Himalayan who thinks your video is out sight. The TV goes on and he sits in front of it. I'd like to order two more for gifts."
--Arthur C., Bolton, ON

"All six of us cats love Feathers for Felines, Episode One and Two. Since we are all declawed, indoor cats, your videos are the next best thing to being there! Keep up the amazing photography!"
--Gary and Lee J., email

"My cats love your tape! But I know many other bored cats who need this tape and since Christmas is coming, I want to order three copies of Episode One for them. Thanks."
--Annette Z., Stockton, CA

"My cats love Episode One. Please send me Episode Two."
--Geraldine D., Concord, NH

"Please ship Feathers for Felines, Episode Two, ASAP. My cat is suffering from video withdrawal because we had to return a borrowed copy!"
--Rose S., Toronto, ON

"We have a three year old, 18 pound Maine Coon. He absolutely loves your video. Watching him as he stares and chirps at the birds has been very amusing! Thanks for your product."
--Karen N., e-mail

"My two-year old Persian, 'Tallulah', loves Episode One. She is an entirely indoor cat and especially enjoys this taste of the great outdoors. She has window perches, but your video is something much different. Please send Episode Two in a hurry!"
--Randy B., Brick, NJ

"Thanks for the video. My cat,'Cheese', thinks the plot is fantastic! Great stuff!"
--Jay L., Burbank, CA (Yes, this is Jay Leno!)"

"I gave friends two of your videos as gifts and they were a big hit with the cats."
--Moses Z., Toronto, ON

"I have 10 cats! It's really cute when I say 'Do you want to watch your movie?' and they all run to the TV, waiting for me to turn it on. They love every minute of it! When will you have Episode Three?"
--Donna T., Clarkston, WA

"I just wanted to share a few pictures of our furry pride and joy, 'Chaul', the Super cat watching Feathers for Felines. Thanks sooooo much for these videos!"
--Lori E., Toronto, ON

"Cutie started stalking the birds and watched the entire video - a full hour! Thanks very much for a great product for cats."
--Karen P., Philadelphia PA

"My orange tabby cat 'Jenny' is fascinated with this video. I enjoy watching her watch it!"
--Linda F., Chicago, IL

"Congratulations on such a great video. My cat watched it three times! It's great for her and relaxing for me."
--Line G., Ottawa, ON

"It's so much fun to watch our kitties, Dooley and Jordan watch the video."
--Laura & Rick M., Farmington, NM

"Cally loves her video. She sits up very straight staring and pawing at all the birds. Thank you for offering such an entertaining video for such a great price. I am very pleased with the purchase."
--Kimberly B., New York, N.Y.

"Our cats love Episode One. 'Patches' especially enjoys the tape and has been known to sit through it twice!"
--D.L.B., Bend, OR

"My cats sit patiently in front of the TV and wait for their feathered friends to appear. They love this video so much, they are requesting Episode Two."
--Michelle C., Rockland, MA

"'Sneakers' sat there riveted to the screen. You've done a wonderful job and I shall definitely pass the word along."
--Ann R., Los Angeles, CA

"Your video is great! 'Grimmy', my neutered, five-year old, strictly indoor cat has already watched it twice. He gets his nose near the picture by standing on his hind feet on a table in front of our TV."
--Patricia B., Unadilla, N.Y.

"Just received your video today and put it on for my two cats. They love it! My older female sat on a chair in front of the TV in my bedroom (he prefers it to the family room TV) and watched twice in a row. The younger male was a little nervous and watched from under the older one's chair, but jumped out every few minutes to catch a bird!"
--Nessa H., email

"Your videos are the best! We haven't been able to find one that all seven of our cats enjoy until now! They love both of them."
--April E., Terre Haute, IN

"I would like to order Episode Two of your Feathers for Felines. Even I enjoyed Episode One."
-- Kay H., Oshawa, ON

"Our cat 'Cobweb' loves the birds. I let my daughter-in-law borrow one and her cats sat and watched wide eyed also pawing at the TV. I enjoyed watching the video myself - excellent bird shots. Thanks again."
--Joann P., Saint Anne, IL

"My cats and my son's cats really really love Episode One and Two."
--Linda D., Milwaukee, WI

"I recently received your Feathers for Felines videos. And I have to tell you what a hit they are with my two cats. Just like the photos on your website, the boys sit before the television absolutely spellbound. When I travel, my cats stay with my elderly mother. Feathers for Felines is going to be a blessing for her. Since, not only does it keep the boys quiet for an entire hour, but they're so tired after being attentive for such an extended period of time that they need a good nap after the video. In total that's about three hours of peace and quiet for my mom - and two happy cats to boot! Looking forward to Episode Three! Many thanks."
--Kathryn E., Richmond Hill, ON