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Feathers For Felines
Reality TV For Cats!

*Survivor doesn't do it. Neither does *The Apprentice. Not even *Candid Camera, the pioneer of reality-based television can actively engage cats in stimulating and interactive TV fun like Feathers for Felines, the original, all-bird, reality videos we created just for cats!

Available in two, one-hour, all-bird episodes, and in a Special Edition episode that features birds as well as squirrels, chipmunks, butterflies and other kitty favourites! Feathers for Felines is amusing thousands of cats worldwide with reactions ranging from the sublime to the uproarious! Feathers For Felines, Episode One and the Special Edition are also available on one DVD. Two hours of virtual temptations for your cat/s.

Some paw gently at the screen. Others crouch, stalk and pounce. And still others are content to simply sit and watch the non-stop action with eyes darting and ears twitching to the natural bird and/or critter movements and sounds.

Feathers for Felines is safe, indoor fun that allows cats a second hand, "outdoors" experience, sometimes all that is necessary to satisfy a feline's "outside" urge. Many customers tell us our bird videos give their cats a window perch on the outdoors that kitty can enjoy 365 days a year!

People with cats use Feathers for Felines as a special treat or to help their feline family members fill those boring hours when they're away at work or just out and about...the very times when kitty boredom can lead to mischief with drapes, upholstery, furniture and other household items. Also, some animal clinics, veterinarians as well as our customers use Feathers For Felines as part of therapy or treatment to help their cats get through illnesses and as part of the recuperation process. We've been told the videos help keep kitty's mind off of their problems when on the mend.

You can play the Feathers For Felines videotapes continuously for hours of fun for your cat! Simply set your VCR's audio menu to Auto Replay or Auto Repeat and Feathers for Felines will automatically play over and over until you stop or eject the tape.

Feathers for Felines has been successfully cat tested and proven by special feline panels at Cat Fancy Magazine, Cats Magazine, Catwatch - A publication of the Cornell University, College Of Veterinary Medicine and by the Crosstown Animal Hospital in Stockton, California. More importantly, however, are the comments we receive from the thousands of people and cats who are having tons of fun together watching Feathers for Felines. Copies of these reports, articles and customer testimonials are available on request. Simply mention the address you would like the material sent to by emailing us at: meow@bell.net