Feathers For Felines:
Episode One & The Special Edition

Now Available On One DVD!

It's a double bill creature feature for cats! And it's all on one 2-hour DVD!
Safe, great, indoor fun for you and your feline family member/s! Cat tested! Cat proven! All natural entertainment. A wonderful, all-occasion gift for friends' and relatives' cats too!

Episode One: Birds! Birds! Birds! Hopping, flying, chirping and tweeting! They're all here in Episode One, our original, all-bird video made for cats. Chock full of darting, swooping, fluttering and chirping, Episode One treats felines to over a dozen types of birds and their natural sounds!

The Special Edition: For those cats who prefer variety in their viewing, our Special Edition fills the bill! Sixty minutes of chattering squirrels, cheeky chipmunks, fluttering butterflies and a variety of other critters cats just love to watch! And there are lots of birds for kitty too!"

Use this DVD as a treat or to help your cat/s fill those boring and sometimes mischievous, home alone hours when you're not there. Simply pop the DVD into the player and select "loop" on the menu. Both episodes of Feathers For Felines (two full hours) will play, giving your cat/s endless hours of uninterrupted, safe and natural fun!